Post Doctoral Researcher
PhD Biology (University of Victoria)  
BSc, MSc Zoology (University of Manitoba)

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Research Areas:
My broad interests are in zooplankton ecology and biological oceanography. For my PhD research, I determined how short-term variations in food quantity, food quality, and primary productivity influence zooplankton communities in coastal marine ecosystems on the west coast of Canada and in the tropical waters of Guanabara Bay, Brazil. The main goal of my postdoctoral work is to investigate the level of synchrony between phytoplankton and zooplankton phenology in the Salish Sea. Time-series data for phytoplankton will be derived from various sources (satellite imagery, buoy data, ferry data, citizen science data, and research cruise data) and then coupled with historical and present zooplankton data. By looking at long-term spatial data of phytoplankton and zooplankton, we can identify their response to different climate drivers (e.g. SST, wind) and global climatic indices. Ultimately, changes in the seasonal patterns of these lower trophic levels will provide insight into their influence on the growth, survival, and overall return strength of salmon populations in the region.